World Circus Geneva 2010 - Monde du cirque Genève | THANK YOU ...

THANK YOU to the State of Geneva - City of Geneva - Fêtes de Genève - City Carouge - City Chêne-Bougeries - City Chêne-Bourg - City Confignon - City Grand-Saconnex - City Lancy - City Onex - City Meyrin - City Bernex - City Plan-les-Ouates - City Russin - City Vandoeuvres - City Versoix - City Avusy - Municipality Pregny-Chambesy ... THANK YOU to all our Sponsors from Switzerland and abroad - Institutions - Foundations - Organizers - Circus School Canton of Geneva and Nyon - Volunteers - Member of the Association World Circus Geneva 2010 - that helped to organize World Circus Geneva 2010. THANK YOU to all the artists who participated. World Circus thank all the institutions Geneva and the surrounding communities for their support, without them this event could not have happend. THANK YOU to all World Media, who talk about World Circus Geneva 2010. THANK YOU to all World Webpages from the five Continents, who have spoken of our event ... THANK YOU to all the public, children for his fidelity

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